Stage 1  -Assesment and quote

A member of our team will visit your property to discuss your requirements and suggest an EV charger system that best suits your needs and property.

Stage 2 - Position



We will work with you to choose the best location for your charger to be installed based on your power supply and where you park your car

Stage 3 - Install and Test


Installation will take about a day and as part of this we’ll ensure your charger point is working.

Stage 4   - Switch On


Everything we do centers       on providing services of the highest level of quality. We won’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied – that’s a guarantee.



We want every UK driver to realize the benefits of driving an electric car and experience the convenience of “fuelling” it at home.
But too often car dealers, manufacturers, and other installers make car charging seem complicated. Nobody wants to decipher kWh, charging speed, or wade through energy tariffs.
Instead, we focus on down-to-earth advice and the facts to help you make the right choice so you can get to the exciting bit – being able to charge your electric car at home and start saving money!


There’s no denying that electric vehicles can seem an expensive initial purchase in comparison to petrol or diesel vehicles, but they can really save you money in the long run. Not only do they have lower running costs, but they are also exempt from road tax, and have reduced fuel and maintenance costs.

It’s not just about the financial benefits, electric vehicles could really help save our planet as with zero exhaust emissions, they help reduce harmful air pollution. There’s also a trend for manufacturers to use more eco-friendly production and materials i.e. the Ford Focus Electric is made up of recycled materials and the padding is made out of bio-based materials.  The Nissan Leaf is another great example with its interior and bodywork partly made of green materials such as recycled water bottles, plastic bags, old car parts and even second-hand home appliances.

You can extend these environmental benefits if you choose to recharge your vehicle using renewable energy such as our full solar PV systems featuring solar panels, powerwalls and charge points.




We are approved members of the government back scheme OLEV'

What is the OLEV Grant?

The UK government is committed to providing infrastructure for the uptake of electric vehicles to meet their pre-agreed green initiatives. Homeowners were able to claim up to £350 per home charger installed under the previous OLEV grant rules. The cost of domestic EV charger installation has reduced quite significantly as electric car charge points are now more easily accessible and affordable than ever before, however, flats, businesses, and rental properties are very much underserved. The new OLEV grant structure provides financial incentives for forward-thinking businesses and landlords making it cheaper than ever before to invest in EV chargers for your premises as inevitably, you'll need to install them at some point! If your home or business could benefit from EV charger installation the "OLEV Grant" also known as the OZEV grant is a government grant which entitles you to claim a significant discount. For example:

- Owners of commercial properties can claim £350 per socket and receive funding for up to 40 sockets across all sites in the application

- Workplace Voucher Scheme applicable to businesses, charities, and public sector organizations, can claim £350 per socket across all sites up to £14,000

- Landlords/ Property Owners can claim £350 per charging socket to landlords. Up to 200 grants for residential properties and 100 grants for commercial properties can be claimed each year via the EV charge point grant

- EV infrastructure grants can provide for necessary infrastructure like wiring and posts worth £30,000. Up to 30 infrastructure grants can be claimed each year

- Renters and leaseholders can receive a grant of up to £350 per person to purchase and install a charge point



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